Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dream Outfits & Items

With the sudden change of my style, I have come across many photos recently that include some wardrobe pieces that I would love to have. It's quite depressing when I can't find certain items, have no idea where they're from to begin with, or simply can't afford. I've started to document them, however. One day I hope to own each and every item I dream about on a daily basis. I find it hard for people to dress exactly how they want. We all see items of clothing or accessories on others that we wish to own ourselves. Then, when we either try these items on or purchase them, we're unhappy with how they fit / look / etc. That's one of the most interesting things about fashion and style - it's different for everyone.

This outfit can be used to currently describe my style. I love the slouchy - casual look. Indie mixed with a bit of boho chic. I could never pull off the hat. Black skinny jeans with a slouchy, loose printed shirt or t-shirt and a cardigan over top make everything look casual but well put together. Personally, I especially love black skinny jeans, but I don't feel like they suit my legs well. I don't have stick straight legs, mine are more curvy and athletic.

These Met Skull jeans that I saw and read about on caught my eye from the very start. I can't find them anywhere, but I'd love to own them. They are my definition of a perfect skinny jean, and they also include intricate detail that makes them even more enticing.

Continuing with the idea of embellishments, these studded shorts are lovely. I really do despise how studs and some embellishments can be seen as "hipster." It ruins the idea of it. I do believe that if shorts like these are paired with the right items, they become classy.

Where do I start with this photo? The leather jacket is to die for. The bag is large enough to make a statement and without it, the look wouldn't be complete. The bandana / headband creates a casual look while also adding that boho chic look I had mentioned. Bootie wedges are always in, and can practically go with any outfit.

These are just 2 examples of leather jackets I love. I have seen a few in stores, such as Forever 21, but the quality isn't all that great. When I do find one worthy of my money, I won't hesitate to purchase.

Ripped denim. Makes you feel like you're in high school again, doesn't it? At least that's how I feel. When given an artsy wash or skinny shape, ripped denim can look fashionable and not too shabby. The second photo really struck my eye because of the bleached out look and daring size of the holes.

The infamous Acne Atacoma's. They really are lovely shoes. They're so stylish and can go with any outfit. However, I'm not particularly a fan of the laces on the front of the shoe. They are also very expensive and hard to find if you live in the states I've noticed.

My favorite bootie wedge of all time. Jeffrey Campbell Pixie. They have a fashionable zipper in the back and also one on the side. They come in loads of different colors and materials. I'm currently hunting for a pair to call my own. They are difficult to find in certain sizes, and when you do find them - they're sold out within days. I love them so much, and plan to own some very soon.

Crochet and lace shorts are such an ongoing trend these past few months. I don't have a pair of my own, but would love to have some. They're delicate and girly, yet can be paired with many simple pieces to make them stand out.

My ideal "perfect" bag. Chanel, of course, makes lovely items. It's a satchel type of design with drawstrings and a long strap to make a cross-body statement. It could be paired with any outfit and look fabulous.

These 2 outfits are examples that you can either wear white on top and black on bottom, or black on top and white on bottom - and they both look fabulous. I can't stress skinny jeans enough. They can be dressed up, or dressed down. When you add an interesting sandal (first photo) it draws attention to the length of your legs. For colder months, you may want to try a boot (second photo) and it will still look nice.

I'm hoping to do more posts like this one. These are obviously just a few of the many things I like when it comes to style. Comment and let me know a few of the things you love!